Sub Rosa Tattoo is now reviewing artist resumes and portfolios as we look to expand our resident artist line up as well as book guest artists in our cozy studio located at 111 NE 'A' St. in beautiful downtown Grants Pass, OR.

Sub Rosa Tattoo is an appointment based client centric studio where our patrons are so much more than monetary transactions, they are the core of our business. We engage each individual with the intent to form long lasting client/artist relationships, educate towards better and longer lasting tattoo choices as well as provide a fun, unique and unforgettable tattoo experience. Offering a professionally driven world class atmosphere coupled with unmatched ambition, we strive to create tattoos of exceptional quality.


Responsibilities and Qualifications

  • Oregon State Tattoo License, BBP, First Aid and CPR Certifications

  • Exceptional customer service, conversational, and people skills

  • Adaptable and comfortable with growth and change

  • Ability to manage own schedule and monetary transactions

  • Highly motivated and adept at self promotion

  • Punctual, respectful, and sensitive to clientele time and needs

  • Willful desire to participate in industry, community and studio related events

  • Drive and ability to provide and build own clientele base

  • Committed to professional development and continued education

  • Independently driven yet team oriented balance of character



We ask that all resumes be sent via email to with HIRE ME in the subject matter headline, and please include a link to your online portfolio. While we are accepting applications we are slow and deliberate in our hiring process to guarantee that we pick artists who are the right fit. We strive to maintain a safe and encouraging environment for the diversity of our clientele and will not tolerate sexism, racism, classism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, or any bigotry and willful ignorance of any kind. To insure that we hire respectable and professional team members who share our core values, applicants may be asked to go through a series of interviews which includes but is not limited to email discourse, in studio one on one and team discussions, after hours hang time with our current team and possibly a scheduled guest spot at our studio. The hiring process may take some time before we make any final decisions. Patience and persistence is key. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.



We're super excited to announce that we're starting off 2019 with a fresh addition to our resident artist roster!

New to the craft of tattooing, aspiring artist Jaiden Brouhard strives to grow and blossom while she hones in her unique style and skill set as a developing tattooer. 

Dainty, illustrative, minimalist line and dot work best characterizes her evolving approach to tattoo designs while she maintains an open mind to creating tattoos of varying style and technique.

Currently accepting walk ins and consultations, Jaiden is driven to work with the clients vision to create gracefully stunning pieces of art to adorn the body.

Get in touch today to set something up with Jaiden!

Phone: 541-244-1624
Connect: Instagram // Facebook



We are pleased to announce that with the New Year ahead of us we are ridding ourselves of the limitations of a 5 days a week, 8 hour work day structure. In order to be more flexible and cater to our clients needs as well as our typical artist tendencies we are now an appointment based studio. Though of course, if the OPEN sign is on patrons may still stop in to browse the gallery, purchase apparel, aftercare and other goods, but if one is wanting to consult or set up a tattoo appointment we suggest using our contact form, sending us an email at or giving us a call at 541-244-1624. With this change we find ourselves creating a more relaxing and peaceful environment as well and being able to better meet the scheduling needs of our clientele. Thanks for your understanding and support! We hope to hear from you soon to set up that next appointment!!




Join us on Sunday, January 14th from 10am to 6pm for our Sailor Jerry Flash Day! We will have an assortment of pre-designed Sailor Jerry flash tattoos to choose from for $50 each. This is a first come, first serve, walk ins only event. We will keep a waiting list and will do our best to serve as many clients as we can, but there are limited spots so get there early. Below are the available designs. Sailor Jerry was an early pioneer and influential part of modern day tattoo culture and it's an honor to be able to celebrate his life's work on the day of his birth. This is going to be a great time, so don't miss out!!! See you there!




Join us on Saturday, October 28th from 10am to 6pm for our Halloween Flash Day! We will have an assortment of pre-designed Halloween themed tattoos to choose from for $50 each. This is a first come, first serve event. We will keep a waiting list and will do our best to serve as many clients as we can, but there are limited spots. Below is a sample of some of the available designs. We will have more to choose from soon and will post them here, on Facebook and on Instagram as soon as they become available. And if the great deal on the tattoos aren't enough, we'll have snacks, hot chocolate, and other goodies available, so don't miss out!!! See you there!